Death by Chocolate Brownies - FREE from GLUTEN!


This was our very first recipe, it’s the full on chocolate experience which has a beautiful mouth feel and  a deep, lingering chocolate taste. These brownies are a fabulous dessert option to serve on it’s own or team up with a fresh raspberry coulis and vanilla bean ice cream. Weight per slab is approximately 1kg and serves 12, though can easily be cut into more as they are so rich!

Couverture Chocolate: Dark, Milk & White (cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, natural soy  lecithin, natural vanilla, full cream milk, whey powder, lactose), (Ecuador/Venezuela)  Sugar (AUS), Butter (Tas), free range eggs (Tas), Organic QUINOA flour (TAS), Cocoa Powder (AUS). Allergen alert, made in a kitchen that uses nuts, dairy, eggs.