About Us

MODO MIO Naked is located in Spreyton,Tasmania and is dedicated to bringing you THE most amazing brownies, we have won 14 awards including Champion at the Sydney Fine Food Awards, along with many Gold and Silver awards and we know you will absolutely adore our brownies. 

And, not only are our brownies packed with couverture chocolate, they are FREE from GLUTEN too! In fact, we are a totally Gluten Free kitchen so you can be confident that there is no risk of cross contamination with Gluten. Our highly coveted recipe includes couverture chocolate, local free range eggs, cultured butter and organic quinoa.  

All our brownies are hand made to order and we send Australia wide via Australia Post Express which means you get your chocolate fix the day after we post it – you can’t get quicker than that, unless of course you are local to us then you can pick them up!

We also offer dessert boxes, quinoa cupcakes, decadent chocolate and hazelnut meringues, cookies and more, contact us for updates and wholesale inquiries: naked@modomio.com.au

Read for yourself the amazing customer reviews on our FaceBook Page, or if you don’t use Face book here’s a few for you:

Andrea Huntley
I was at Woolies tonight and they were giving out samples of Jamie Oliver's chocolate brownies. So I thought I'd better try them. Boy was I disappointed! They were crumbly and not very chocolatety at all. I know I've been spoilt by your brownies, but sorry Jamie, you didn't even come close!

Fiona Bennell
Yummy, cannot get enough of them, love the death by chocolate, have eaten a whole slab in two days.

Melissa Catto
Heaven in each bite
Sandy Michell
Time stands still....a chocolate moment!

Lauren Ansell
The best brownies I've ever eaten in my life

Megan Radford-Smart
First time I tried modo mio brownies was at work they are so amazing that I bought a slab to myself and cause I am a nice person lol I shared my slab and everyone loves it and they sell out at work keep the great work up guys

Terri Baran
Modo Mio Brownies are simply divine - I won't ever buy any other kind now! They're moist, dense, rich, and so decadent!

Sim Gulati
"Oh my god.. Where did you get this from????? “

Gill Minehan
We serve it to our clients and they want to know where to get some ,love it

Dean Allen
To die for!

Amanda Harris
Food boner...

Demi Bellchambers
I would travel to the ends of the earth for just a bite of a Modo Mio Brownie! All the flavours are uniquely devine and totally addictive - I know all the places I can buy them in my local area

Dani Smith
I'm not a chocolate lover but I have to have my weekly brownie fix, daily would be alot nicer

Jamie Callaghan
I've had "OMG this is better than sex"